Hello Venue.

Lagoon is a well-seasoned band that has toured around the country and perfomed at a variety of venues. We have opened for National touring acts and headlined shows in our respective hometown (Tucson and now Boston). We do our part to make sure we are twittering/emailing/myspacing as well as making eye-catching posters. Currently Lagoon has over 5,000 MySpace fans and over 36,000 Twitter followers.

Pairs well with...

Lagoon has shared bills with just about every imaginable genre of music; however, our influences and comparisons are usually along the lines of alternative indie-rock. We are not heavy metal shredders but we are also not a soft folk troupe. We like (but don't neccessarily sound like): The National, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M., The Wrens, The Smiths, Muse, Happy Mondays, Doves, Okkerville River, Grandaddy, Pinback, Built to Spill. You get the idea.

Sounds like...

We sound much like: toaster ovens, a dot matrix printer, seafoam green, water turning into ice, cookie crums against the skin in egyptian cotton sheets, frisbees whizzing by your head, yawkee way, deja vu, ice melting, pocket rockets, and a live studio audience. Or decide for yourself.

contact us

booking [-at-] lagoononline [-dot-] com

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shared bills

Lagoon has shared the stage, and in some cases our apartment, with the following bands:

  • cold war kids
  • mighty six ninety
  • the standard
  • viva voce
  • the cinematics
  • birdmonster
  • monsters are waiting
  • mellowdrone
  • the fixx
  • demolition doll rods
  • stars of track and field
  • camera obscura
  • ghosty
  • young galaxy
  • heavenly states