Hear ye! Hear ye!

Lagoon can be found across this vast world wide web in your various social networks. Just beware the poser Lagoons! The links on this page are for us, the real Lagoon. The genuine Lagoon. The first and only Lagoon.

Listen to Conway Twitty? Are you a twit? Or maybe you Twitter?

In case, just in case, you missed the other three links to Twitter on this page. Here is one more. twitter.com/lagoonband. And all those clever Lagoon Twits? That's Jake. And yes he loves Conway Twitty, he's been to Twitty City (twice), he rescued Tweety Bird from Sylvester and he loves ginger pound cake.

The MySpaces

Our official MySpace is myspace.com/lagoonAZ You will always find the most updated information on our website, although we like to see comments on our myspace page too.


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What in the hell is Email? Do people even use email anymore? Here it is: band [at] lagoononline [dot] com.

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