Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Lagoon and Tornado 72 Records is to distribute our music to as many listeners as possible. What's the point of creating art or music if the experience is never fully realized by an audience? That is why all of the downloads on our site are free. I guess you could say our approach is akin to that of NPR (except we won't guilt you ten times a year). Donate if you can. If ya can't... that's cool too.

Why Donate to Lagoon?

Being in an independant band takes a lot of work, committment, and drive. Unfortunately it comes with little financial reward (if any). Since Lagoon formed in 2003 every cent the band has earned has gone straight back into the band, i.e. buying recording gear, etc. Most of the time we use our own resources to cover things like insurance for the band van, having posters printed, etc.

Lagoon's Wish-List

Lagoon is in the midst of recording what will be our third full length record. We have very high hopes for this production but are in need of financial assistance for the following:

  • mastering costs
  • CD replication
  • vinyl reproduction (YES! We will be pressing vinyl of this record for you hard-core audiofiles)
  • tour and marketing support

About Your Donation

Feel free to donate as little as $1 or as much as your heart desires. When donating please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous or if you would like us to post your name along with either your facebook, twitter, or myspace (please pick just one). Also, any donation made to Lagoon is non-refundable and may be used by Lagoon at their discretion without consultation. Donations are not tax-exempt.

Levels of Sponsorship

At the moment we are offering the below rewards for your generous donation.

  • $25 - a signed poster and lagoon buttons
  • $50 - the above along with a copy of our first two records
  • $100 - the above and a credit in the liner notes of our third full-length album currently in production
  • $500 - the above and Lagoon will prepare you a meal (you must supply transportation)
  • $1000 - David will write and record a 2-minute long acoustic song about the topic of your choice
  • $2000 - Lagoon will clean your house (you must supply transportation)
  • $5000 - Seriously, we should probably just talk.

Donate safely and securely through PayPal

donate and your name goes here! (if you wish)

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  • Theresa Depuy
  • M.A. Gomez