A little about Lagoon

Lagoon is an indie-rock band that formed in 2003 in Tucson, Arizona and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. (And apparently the band smells like cookies.)

David - plays guitars, sings, paints, cooks, some piano

Patrick - plays guitars and ebow and has an amp called "the toaster"

Marisa - plays the drums and towermadness

Jake - plays bass and tweets

Random Notes

The band has recorded two full length albums ("Graduation" 2005 and "Dose" 2007) and is currently working on their third album due for a planned release late 2010. Lagoon moved from Tucson, Arizona to Providence, Rhode Island summer of 2007 and then to Boston summer of 2008. Jake joined the band Summer of 2008 replacing longtime Lagoon bassist Woodie Polk. Jake and Marisa are siblings. Patrick and Marisa were once High School Sweethearts. This is David's 3rd band, Jake's second and Pat and Marisa's first. All band members are native to Arizona except David--he was born in Milwaukee. All band members graduated from the University of Arizona, except David--he graduated from the University of Georgia. Lagoon is close to being vegetarian. Pat said "don't mention stupid stuff like our jobs". So we won't.