Live: Lagoon, Umbrella Bird, Rescue Lights

Tucson Weekly | October 29, 2009

A core of avid fans clustered near the stage to celebrate Lagoon's homecoming on Saturday night. Their fist-pumping and singing along were rewarded with a host of new material and a passel of favorites from the band's two previous albums. read more

Lagoon homecoming show at Plush, recap of last two years (and more) with David Ziegler-Voll

AZ Night Buzz | October 24, 2009

Living on different floors of a single building in New England, ex-Tucson band Lagoon has been one big happy family in their new home in the city of Boston since 2008. read more

Soundbites : Homecoming

Tucson Weekly | October 22, 2009

Lagoon, as you may remember, relocated to Boston a few years back. The group, which once traded in Brit pop influences and evolved into something a bit more original and dynamic... read more

Milestones and a Farewell

Tucson Weekly | May 31, 2007

It's a monumental week for three local acts--or, more accurately, two local acts and one soon-to-be-nonlocal act. read more

Lagoonies never say die; Lagoonís 6/1 farewell show | May 30, 2007

Another one bites the dust. Thatís right, itís time to kiss local moody, atmospheric types Lagoon goodbye (just no tongue on the first date). Rhode Island beckons them away from this increasingly overcrowded desert landscape and Friday, June 1 is your last chance to catch the band in their native land. Specifically, Plush is the locale. read more

Get a healthy dose of Lagoon

Arizona Daily Star | April 29, 2007

Saturday may be the last time local rock act Lagoon releases an album in Tucson. The band plans to relocate to Providence, R.I., around June, according to singer/guitarist David Ziegler-Voll. read more


Tucson Weekly | March 29, 2007

After a few years playing gigs and releasing an EP, Tucson's Lagoon finally hit their stride with the 2005's Graduation (self-released), which saw them leaving their past Brit-popiness for something a bit moodier. read more

High Water Mark: Tucson's Lagoon hopes its new album makes waves

Tucson Weekly | January 27, 2007

Lagoon frontman David Ziegler-Voll won't name names, but he thinks it's cheesy that so many of today's rock bands are jumping on the '80s bandwagon. read more

Video: Cold War Kids, The Deludes, Lagoon, more at BAM | October 18, 2006

The Cold War Kids put on quite a show in front of an audience that should have been much bigger. I admit I had never heard them before and I was instantly amazed. I even went home and purchased their album Robbers & Cowards on iTunes. Might I just addÖitís awesome. Local faves like Al Perry, Lagoon, and The Deludes didnít disappoint either. read more

9 Questions

Tucson Weekly | February 9, 2006

By night, David Ziegler-Voll fronts the band Lagoon; by day, he runs ZV Creative, a small Web/graphic design company whose clients include Hotel Congress and the Rialto Theatre. He moved to Tucson in June 1997 and wonders if his arrival has been jinxing the Wildcats from winning a basketball title ever since. Lagoon performs at Che's Lounge on Saturday, Feb. 25. read more

Soundz: David Ziegler-Voll | November 24, 2005

For the record: If fate had played out differently, Ziegler-Voll might have been the one yelling "red rum." read more

Live: Lagoon and Muddy Bug | July 25, 2005

Brooklyn's Bishop Allen and We Are Scientists were supposed to bring their cute-boy rock-pop to Plush last Thursday night. For some reason, both bands cancelled, and original openers Muddy Bug and last-minute add Lagoon had the daunting task of entertaining those of us who had been looking forward to sparkling sentimental pop. Muddy Bug fell a bit short, but Lagoon made it all worthwhile. read more

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